Dead Infection

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for what concerns the first 2 albums, they were they're back but not killer as before, anyway their live shows are still killer


Band Name (three letter country code) album title format year label *demo/promo/etc notes

  • Dead Infection (POL) "World Full of Remains" tape s/p demo
  • Dead Infection (POL) "Start Human Slaughter" tape s/p demo
  • Dead Infection (POL) "Surgical Disembowelment" cd Morbid Records full length
  • Dead Infection (POL) split w/ Blood 7" 1993 Morbid Records split 7"
  • Dead Infection (POL) "A Chapter of Accidents" cd 1995 Morbid Records full length Infamous "breakthrough" sophomore full-length of pure bonified gore/grindcore. Out of print only until recently; with original pressings at one point running up costs of $100 on ebay.
  • Dead Infection (POL) "Human Slaughter...Till Remains" cd 1997 Morbid Records demos collection
  • Dead Infection (POL) "The Greatest Shits" cd 1997 Morbid Records cover song mini-cd feat. cover songs of Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, RGTE, Bee Gees, etc.