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When describing a release, stick to this format

Carcass (eng): "Reek of Putrefaction" Lp 1988 Earache / released on Cd, reissued in 2003 by Earache with uncensored cover.

BOLD for full-lengths Italic for demos

This means

Band Name (3 letter code country): "album" running-time year label / additional data

Release format use these abbreviations (open a discussion on this topic)

  • Cd
  • 12"
  • 7"
  • Cd-r - Cd ROM
  • 2Cd - double Cd
  • 2x12" - double 12"
  • 2x7" - double 7"
  • digiCd - digipack
  • gf12" - gatefold 12"
  • pic12" - picture 12"
  • DVD
  • slimCd - Cd with slim plastic case
  • slipCd - Cd within cardboard sheet

Additional data might include (open a discussion on this topic)

  • non-pro - means Xeroxed cover and/or plain Cd-r
  • pro - means professional print on cover and/or Cd-r with professionally printed surface

Note: I shall consider Cd to be pro by default so no need to say "pro Cd".

Note 1: UK does not mean England. Stick to three letters codes. Eng for england ecc. Note 2: Do not write Cd or Cd-r or stuff like that. The format of the release is secondary. Right now let's say Ep under 20 minutes, Lp over that running time.

Glossary of Terms

  • Death Grind
  • Gore Grind (or Goregrind)
  • Gore Metal
  • Grind Core (or Grindcore)
  • Noise Grind
  • Pornogore