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The Encyclopedia Goregrind


Welcum to this new Goregrind Wiki website. This time the system hosting the Wiki is much more powerful and spammers and lamers will have difficult time fucking up the content of the pages. The engine used for the website is the famous MediaWiki, the same used for the very famous free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The is a container (let's say a coffin) where all gore obsessed people like me and you could collaborate to make a sort of encyclopedia of all things gore. Aside from the bands like Carcass, Dead Infection, Last Days Of Humanity etc, I'd also drop in gore comics, splatterpunk books, movies etcetera. Using this project is simple, just follow the Help. Anyone can edit any page in this Wiki, even this one you're reading! Of course, a lot of trust is put in your hands for not throwing garbage in these pages. Please don't do it. Note that this is NOT a webzine, but a encyclopedia and as such the articles and band sheets should be as objective as possible, not subjective reviews, hold those for webzines and fanzines etc. I will be more than glad to help you out if you don't understand how to start inserting your contributions, but I know once you grasp the basic concepts it will be all too simple!

Use the page called Sand Box to experiment!

The Encyclopedia Goregrind[1] is a Wiki dedicated to the blood spattered - ultra-sick music style called Goregrind but is also open to its contaminations including splatter literature, cinema, comics, real life events. The Encyclopedia is not just about Goregrind but it's about everything gore-related. Everyone familiar with the genre is welcome to contribute by adding his knowledge to the project. Own band information is tolerated but arbitrary comments are not. Every change is tracked down and chronically annoying contributors might be denied access to the website. Administrators are welcome to the project. Guidelines on creating articles are given in the Help section, that can be reached through the navigation to the right. Each page content might (and should) be discussed by clicking the "discussion" link above every article (this very page included). Anonymous contributions are possible and your IP number will show instead of your nickname. You're very welcome to register yourselves as well, as it will allow you to post a personal page about yourself and help the community grow.


How the Wiki project works

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started


  1. It was created first on September the 16th 2004 by Michele Toscan, as a support site for his fanzine Nuclear Abominations. It's part of the website A message board is being discussed.