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Hardcore gore/splatter enthusiast since early age, I have been listening to heavy, extreme music since 1984 with the great classic (to me) "Don't Break the Oath" by Mercyful Fate. I discovered Punk at the same time, and Hard Core Punk a few years later. My approach with grindcore is blurred with the time I was also into extreme noise and fast hardcore/ultracore, but can easily be defined as the time when "Scum" was released. While I soon moved to traditional Death Metal as my favorite form of music, finding political grindcore too boring, I have remained enthusiastic about extreme sonorities in general. I find Goregrind to be the single most interesting scene in today's music, being the only really underground form of music that has remained after years of commercial Brutal Death Metal and tidy Grind Core.

I work as a IT consultant, Network Administrator and print designer for a small Italian company. I also run the rather unproductive distribution Buio Omega, which was also a real shop dedicated to extreme underground stuff for a 2 years-span (late 2002 to 2004). I run the webzine Nuclear Abominations (active since 1999) that is also released yearly as a real world paper publication. Nuclear Abominations is also a label and I released two Goregrind items so far: General Surgery demos on 7" vinyl, and Neural Tube Defects Lp on Cd.

Other interest include boxe, body building, cooking, history, cats, computers, comic books, cinema, role playing games.

Nuclear Abominations 10:59, 15 December 2006 (CET)